Paediasure Plus Fibre Vanilla Milkshake (200ml)


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Price : £4.86 Flavour : Vanilla
Preparation : Liquid (ready to drink) Age : 1+
Calories (kcal) : 151/100ml Protein (g) : 4.2/100ml
Carbohydrate (g) : 16.7/100ml Fat (g) : 7.47/100ml
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  • Paediasure Plus Fibre Vanilla Milkshake (200ml)
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Paediasure Plus Fibre Vanilla 200ml

PaediaSure® Plus Fibre is nutritionally complete for children aged 1-10 years (8-30kg). It is suitable for children who have increased calorie and protein needs and who may benefit from fibre in the diet.



• 200ml reclosable plastic bottle

• 500ml ready-to-hang (RTH) plastic bottle


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• Complete and balanced nutrition

• Provides 1.5 calories per ml to help gain or maintain a healthy weight

• Enriched with protein for growth, tissue maintenance and repair

• Enriched with fibre and prebiotics to help maintain normal bowel function

• Clinically lactose and gluten-free

• Ready to use a nutritional drink, suitable with meals or as a snack between meals

• Available in a 500ml ready to use the bottle for tube feeding, with a 24 hour hang time

• Available on the GMS/DPS/LTI* schemes



• PaediaSure® Plus Fibre is ready to use

• Do not dilute or add anything to the ready-to-hang bottle unless instructed, under the guidance of your healthcare professional


• Not suitable for children under 12 months

• Not suitable for children with galactosaemia

• Not for parenteral (intravenous) use

Suitable for Kosher diets: YES

Suitable for Vegetarians: YES

Lactose-Free:: YES

Gluten Free:: YES

Suitable for Vegetarians: YES

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