Paediasure Plus Juce Products

Paediasure Plus Juce by Abbott Nutrition is a 1.5kcal/ml weight gain supplement drink for children weighing between 8-30kg.

Paediasure Plus Juce is available as a ready to drink Juice style drink presented in a 200ml bottle (300 kcal).

The Paediasure range of drink supplements by Abbott Nutrition are formulated specifically for young children who weigh between 8-30 kg.

It is scientifically formulated to be taken as a nutritional supplement for children who find it difficult to eat sufficient quantities of everyday food and drink and therefore may not be meeting their daily nutritional requirements and incidentally may experience weight loss and reduce levels of energy.

Paediasure contains all the goodness children require on a daily basis which includes; calories , protein , carbohydrates , vitamins , minerals , amino acids and fatty acids. Paediasure has been scientifically tested and proven to help children meet their daily nutritional requirements.

Paediasure Plus Juce is available in the following flavours from

Paediasure Plus Juce Apple 200ml

Paediasure Plus Juce Very Berry 200ml

Paedaisure Plus Juce is suitable for children who hae taste aberrations or an aversion to milk based drink supplements.

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