Paediasure Plus Juce Apple Juice (200ml)


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Preparation : Juice Style - Ready to Drink Calories (kcal) : 300
Protein (g) : 8.4 Carbohydrate (g) : 66.6
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PaediaSure® Plus juce is a high energy, fat free, fruit juice style nutritional drink, designed for children aged 1-10 years (8-30kg). It is suitable for children with involuntary weight loss, recovering from illness or surgery, inability to digest fat or who require a low fat diet.

A 1.5 kcal/ml juice-style nutritional supplement drink for children weighing 8-30kg. Available in 2 flavours - apple and very berry.

PaediaSure Plus juce is available in a 200ml bottle with a straw for sipping and a peel-off seal for pouring.

Paediasure Plus juce provides children with an alternative style of sip feed to choose from, which may help reduce taste fatigue1 or provide a solution for children who don’t like milky drinks. It can also be used in patients who require a fat-free sip feed, e.g. those with fat malabsorption or a clinical condition that requires a low fat diet.

Taste Test

87% of children liked the taste of apple flavour

76% of children like the taste of very berry flavour

Product Features

  • Provides 1.5 calories per ml to help gain or maintain a healthy weight
  • Enriched with protein for growth, tissue maintenance and repair
  • Fibre free for those children who are unable to tolerate dietary fibre
  • Fat free for those children who require a fat free diet or who have fat malabsorption
  • Clinically lactose and gluten free
  • Ready to use nutritional drink, suitable for use with meals or as a snack between meals


Available in:

  • 200ml reclosable plastic bottle


Available in:

  • Apple
  • Verry Berry

Paediasure Plus Juce Tips

  • For oral use, PaediaSure® Plus juce is usually best served chilled
  • PaediaSure®Plus juce can be frozen into ice cubes or lollipops
  • PaediaSure®Plus juce apple flavour tastes great when warmed and served as a hot drink. Do not boil as this may affect the nutrient content
  • PaediaSure®Plus juce can be added to lemonade, jelly, sparkling water and fruit juice to help boost the nutritional content


  • Not suitable for children under 12 months
  • Not suitable for children with galactosaemia
  • Not for parenteral (intravenous) use



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