Nutricia - Fortisip 1.5kcal Liquid

Fortisip Original is a standard 1.5 kcal/ml nutritionally complete milkshake style nutritional supplement drink to support individuals with a higher nutritional requirement. Fortisip is high in energy and can be used as part of a controlled diet or as a source of sole nutrition for individuals over the age of 6 years and should not be used by children under the age of 3 years.


The Fortisip range of products include a number of different ranges such as Fortisip Extra  Fortisip Compact, Fortisip Multi Fibre and Fortisip Yoghurt, providing consumers with an array of different textures, flavours and styles.


Popular choices within the Fortisip range include Fortisip Extra MochaFortisip High Energy StrawberryFortisip Multifibre VanillaFortisip Extra Starter Pack and Fortisip Compact Vanilla.


Customers can also visit our new recipe section to find new and scrumptious ways to enjoy Fortisip Recipes with delicious recipes including Banana Honey Porridge made from Fortisip Compact Vanilla or Macaroni Cheese with Bacon for lunch making the most of Fortisip Neutral finishing with a delicious Chocolate Pudding which includes Fortisip Caramel and or Fortisip Chocolate - who said Nutritional drinks are tasteless!