Fresubin 3.2 kcal Mini + Vit D - Hazelnut (4x 125ml) - NEW!

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  • Fresubin 3.2KCAL Mini + Vit D ( 4x 125ml)
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Fresubin 3.2 kcal Mini + Vit D - Hazelnut (4x 125ml) - NEW!

3.2 kcal DRINK
Nutrient-dense with a creamy mouthfeel.3.2 kcal/ml high protein oral nutritional supplement for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of malnutrition,in particular with increased energy and protein needs such as cancer patients and frail people.

  1. Highest energy density nutritionally complete 125 ml ONS (400 kcal per 125 ml).
  2. Unique protein blend providing 20 g protein per 125 ml.
  3. Provides 20% energy from protein to support high protein needs in low volume1, 2 High vitamin D content: 10 μg per 125 ml.
  4. Daily intake of 20 μg Vit. D reduces the risk of falls and fractures3–5 With all micro- and macronutrients for complete nutrition.
Available flavours: Vanilla-Caramel, Hazelnut in 125 ml EasyBottle.

Food for special medical purposes:
Nutritionally complete, high-caloric (3.2 kcal/ml), high-protein (20 energy %)
oral nutritional supplement, low in fibre. High in Vitamin D. Clinically free from
lactose, gluten-free. For the dietary management of patients with or at risk of
malnutrition in particular for patients with increased energy and protein needs
or fluid restrictions.
To be determined by a health care professional according to patients’ needs.
Recommendation for supplementary nutrition 1 – 2 bottles (400 – 800 kcal)/day,
or complete nutrition 4 – 5 bottles (1600 – 2000 kcal)/day.
Important notes:
To be used under medical supervision. Suitable as sole source of nutrition.
Not suitable for children < 3 years. Use with caution in children < 6 years. Not
suitable for patients with galactosaemia. Ensure adequate fluid intake.
Instructions for use:
Store at room temperature. Opened bottles may be stored in a refrigerator
for up to 24 hours. Best served chilled. Drink slowly! Packaged in a protective
Not suitable whenever enteral nutrition is not permitted such as in acute
gastrointestinal bleeding, ileus and shock. Use with caution in severe organ
failure with impaired metabolism and severe forms of malassimilation.
Not suitable for patients with congenital inability to metabolise nutrients
contained in Fresubin 3.2 kcal DRINK.

Always read the product information. Click on the link below to view the Patient Information. Requires Adobe Reader – if you cannot open the file, please click here to download

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