Fortijuce Products

Fortijuce is a similar product to Fortisip but is available in a ‘juice’ style rather than a milkshake, ideal for patients who would like some variety. Fortijuce contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals but does not contain any fat. It is for this reason that Fortijuce is suitable for individuals who are are on a fat-free diet or a low-fat diet. Fortijuce can be used as a nutritional supplement as it is nutritiously rich supporting daily nutritional requirements whilst also being high in energy. Fortijuce is available in a variety of 7 different flavours.


For those finding it difficult to choose the best flavours, popular choices would include Fortijuce Apple, Fortijuce Forest Fruits and Fortijuce Orange, all lovely natural flavours with endless possibilities to make delicious recipes for those wanting to be a little more adventurous.


Customers can also visit our newrecipes section where delicious recipes can be found , tested and reviewed! Starting with breakfast, customers can use Fortijuce Orange to make a tasty Breakfast Juice , a little snack of Rice Pudding and Pear Layer using Fortijuce Apple and a glass of Sparkling Wine made from Fortijuce Forest Fruits. Fortijuce allows customers to make unique Fortijuce Recipes which would otherwise be difficult with the typical milkshake style shakes.

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