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Nutricrem Dessert Chocolate Orange (4 x 125g)

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£11.95 £11.95
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Key Information

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  • 6 YEARS +
  • 12.5 / 125g
  • 225 / 125g
  • 23.5 / 125g
Nutricrem Chocolate Orange (4 x 125g):@@:

Nutricrem (4x125g)

Nutricrem is a nutritionally complete, high energy, high protein, dessert style Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. Nutricrem is a ready to eat oral nutritional supplement containing 225kcals and 12.5g protein in 125g. 

Nutricrem / 125g 

Kcal: 225

Protein: 12.5g

Nutricrem is Gluten and Lactose Free. 

Nutricrem is complete in Vitamins and Minerals. 

Nutricrem is comparable to: Forticreme, Fresubin Creme, Ensure Plus Creme. 

All Nualtra Supplements are suitable for:

  • Disease Related Malnutrition
  • Pre-surgery Preparation
  • Post-Surgery 
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Cancer
  • Weight Loss
  • Elderly
  • Poor Appetite
  • Dysphagia
  • Wound Healing

Ealoas International Research Report

Recent independent sensory analysis & compliance studies show that Nutricrem has a greater than 90% compliance rate against an industry average of less than 80%.


Nutricrem is available in 125g pots, in 2 flavours: Strawberry and Vanilla.


Nutricrem can be used for the dietary management of patients with increased nutritional requirements secondary to illness or those patients unable to meet their nutritional requirements from other foods. It may also be used by those at risk of disease related malnutrition as determined by appropriate nutritional screening. It can be used as a sole source of nutrition or used to supplement a patient’s daily intake. 

The consistency of Nutricrem makes it an ideal supplement for patients with dysphagia who require nutritional support. 

GMS approved. 

For enteral use only. 


Not for intravenous use.

Not suitable for children under 3 years. 

Not suitable for patients with galactoseamia or an intolerance to soya. 


Use of this product in children under 6 years should be closely monitored by a dietitian or physician.  

Directions for use

Altraplen is best served chilled. Stir well before consuming. 


Nutritionally Complete Volumes for Nutricrem

Males 19-50 yrs: 550g or 4.5 pots

Females 19-50 yrs: 450g or 4 pots

Males 50+ yrs: 530g or 4 pots

Females 50+ yrs: 465g or 4 pots

Nutritionally complete volumes are based on Irish RDA’s/UK DRV’s excluding electrolytes and magnesium.


Nutricrem should be stored in a cool, dry place (below 25 degrees Celsius) 

  • Nutricrem can be consumed chilled or at room temperature. 
  • Shake well before use. 
  • Once opened consume within 4 hours or store in a refrigerator and consume within 24 hours. 
  • Discard unused contents thereafter. 
  • Nutricrem can be consumed directly from the pot. 

Shelf Life

12 months. See side of pot and outer packaging for best before date. 

Energy Distribution 

(Per 125g)

Protein: 22%

Carbohydrates: 42%

Fat: 36%


Ingredients (Vanilla)

Ingredients:  milk protein concentrate, water, maltodextrin, sucrose, vegetable oil,  calcium caseinate, potassium caseinate, modified maize starch E1442, emulsifier: Mono & Diglycerides of fatty acids,  isolated soya protein,  tri potassium citrate E332, trisodium citrate, stabiliser: Carrageenan E407, Flavouring, Magnesium chloride E511, Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate E340, Magnesium Citrate, colour: natural carotene, Potassium Hydroxide E525, Vitamins: ( Ascobic acid, Vit A acetate, Nicotinamide, D-biotin, Vit D3, Vit B12, Pyridoxine HCl, Vit K, Thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, Vit E acetate, Calcium D-pantothenate, Folic acid),  sodium chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide E524, Ferric pyrophosphate, Zinc sulphate, Copper gluconate, Sodium Selenite, Manganese sulphate monohydrate, Sodium fluoride, Chromium chloride, Sodium molybdate, Potassium iodide, Gluten free

When compared against Forticreme Complete and Ensure Plus Creme , Nutricrem has:

- up to 24% more calories

- up to 43% more protein

- up to 20% fewer sugars

Most of all , Nutricrem is more price competitive when compared against leading brands. 

Per 100ml Kcal Protein Carbohydrates Sugars Fat Price
Forticreme Complete 160 9.5 19.2 10.6 5.0 £11.55
Ensure Plus Creme 137 5.68 18.4 12.4 4.47 £10.75
Nutricrem 180 10.0 18.8 9.7 7.2 £9.95

 Nualtra, making a difference in nutrition


Manufacturer Name : Nualtra
Manufacturer Address : Basepoint Business Centre, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8SD
Manufacturer Email : [email protected]
Manufacturer Phone Number : 0118 4532853
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