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Ensure Powder Products

Ensure Powder is available through a range of products called Enshake in the UK. Enshake is a powdered form of Ensure and is a high energy and high protein powder nutritional drink.

Each Enshake sachet contains 96.5g of nutrient-rich powder which can be mixed with milk or water and can provide up to 600 kcal per 240ml (per serving) which is far more than Ensure Plus or even Ensure TwoCal. Enshake is ideal for individuals who are traveling and require a daily dosage of Ensure. It is easy to use, travel friendly and convenient whilst providing all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for balanced nutrition and weight gain.

Ensure Powder is available in a variety of flavours which include Ensure Powder Banana, Ensure Powder Chocolate, Ensure Powder Strawberry and Ensure Powder Vanilla.

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