Cheese Pudding - Fortini Vanilla


100ml (31⁄4 fl oz) vanilla flavour FORTINI

30g (1oz) fresh white breadcrumbs (use 1 medium slice of bread with crusts removed)

1 medium egg (separated)

45g (11⁄2oz) strong flavoured cheddar cheese


5g (1 teaspoon) butter

1⁄4 teaspoon mustard powder or ready made mustard (optional)

Method / Preperation

1. Pre heat O Oven to 170°C, 340°F, Gas mark 5.
2. Grease a 600ml / 1 pint baking dish with butter.
3. Heat FORTINI, butter and mustard and pour over breadcrumbs.

Leave to soak for a few minutes.

4. Add cheese and egg yolk to mixture.
5. In a clean bowl, beat the egg white stiffly and fold into the mixture carefully.
6. Pour into baking dish and bake for 30 minutes or until well risen and
golden brown. Serve as soon as possible.


Makes 1-2 portions

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