Are Nutricia’s products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

The majority of Nutricia’s tube feeds and oral nutritional supplements are suitable for vegetarians as defined by The Vegetarian Society. Carminic Acid, a colouring derived from cochineal, may not be acceptable to some patients and is used in the following sip feeds: . Fortisip Yogurt Style: raspberry, peach & orange . Fortimel: strawberry, forest fruits . Fortisip: orange, strawberry, tropical fruits . Fortisip Compact Strawberry: Strawberry . Fortisip Multi Fibre: strawberry, orange . Forticreme Complete: banana, forest fruits . Scandishake Mix: strawberry . Fortisip Extra: strawberry, forest fruits . Renilon 7.5: apricot . FortiCare: peach-ginger . Calogen: strawberry . Calogen Extra: Strawberry Infatrini and FortiCare contain fish oil. Only Nutricia preOp, Calogen, Polycal liquid, Polycal powder, and Nutilis are suitable for vegans as they do not contain animal products. Nutrison Soya may not be suitable for vegans as the Vitamin D is derived from sheep’s wool.

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