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Complan Milkshake Powder Banana (4 x 57g)

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Complan Shake Powder Banana Sachets 4x57g

Complan Shake is a nutritional food supplement, designed to help patients with (or who are at risk of) disease-related malnutrition.

Complan Shake comes as a powder in a sachet and its ingredients include skimmed milk powder, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals, which together provide a nutritionally-balanced supplement when reconstituted with water or milk.

Complan Shake is available in five flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana and milk.

If you are recovering from an illness or surgery, or you are suffering from illness-related undernutrition, you may be prescribed a course of nutritional food supplements to help you to get the nourishment your body needs, when you are not able to eat normally.

Should you not get the right nourishment when you need it, you could take longer to recover, you are more likely to have further health complications and your stay in hospital could be longer - or you could even be taken back into the hospital after discharge.

Complan Shake is a delicious, nutritious food supplement, from a trusted company with 50 years of experience in nutritional care. Available on prescription, Complan Shake can help you to get back on your feet and make a quick recovery.


There are many food supplements to choose from, but Complan Shake offers many benefits:
  • it is packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • two servings a day can give you all the vitamins your body needs.
  • it tastes great - made with whole milk or with water
  • it is available in five delicious flavours: vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry and milk
Additional Information:@@:

How to use Complan Shake:

Each sachet of Complan Shake should be reconstituted with 200ml whole milk or water. It is best served cold, but can be made up hot, if preferred, and can be added to other foods.

Directions for use:
  • Pour a little of the water or milk into a large cup or mug and add a sachet of Complan Shake
  • Mix into a smooth cream with a whisk or fork
  • Top up with the remaining water or milk, stirring all the time
  • If you have a beaker with a sealable lid then this can be used as a shaker. (take care if mixing with hot liquid)
  • Once reconstituted, Complan Shake may be stored for up to 24 hours in a refrigerator.
Why Complan?:@@:

When to use:

Complan Shake should be used as nutritional supplement, with one or two servings a day, unless otherwise indicated by a doctor or dietitian. It is not suitable as the sole source of nutrition.

Complan Shake may be prescribed by your doctor for a variety of medical conditions, including:
  • Preparation of patients who are undernourished before they are operated on in hospital
  • Patients who have a medical condition which means they cannot absorb the nutrients from their food properly
  • Patients whose bowel is not working properly, either through inflammation or following surgery, or because of other chronic conditions
  • Patients who have had their stomach removed by surgery
  • Patients who have difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Patients who have other diseases which result in them being undernourished.

Why not to use:

Complan Shake is not suitable for:
  • patients with an intolerance to cows milk or those with galactosaemia (a hereditary condition in which the milk sugar galactose cannot be digested properly)
  • infants under 12 months unless prescribed and supervised by a doctor
  • providing the sole source of nutrition
  • being taken intravenously.
It should be used under medical advice and should be used with caution for children under six years old.

Complan Shake must always be used under medical supervision. Always contact a  registered dietitian or your GP if you have any concerns regarding your nutritional requirements.


Complan Shake Banana
Manufacturer Name : Nutricia Ltd
Manufacturer Address : Nutricia Ltd, Newmarket Avenue, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK, BA14 OXQ
Manufacturer Phone Number : 03457 623653
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