ProSource Jelly Orange Flavour (36 x 118ml cup case)

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  • ProSource Jelly Orange Flavour (36 x 118ml cup case)
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ProSource Jelly Orange Flavour (36 x 118ml cup case)

Product Overview

With 20g protein in every 118ml serving, ProSource Jelly is a new and truly unique option in oral nutrition.

Available in NEW Lime, Orange and Fruit Punch flavours, ProSource Jelly is ready to eat straight from the cup, tastes great and offers a refreshing alternative to patients who need additional protein without unnecessary volume.

ProSource Jelly contains very low carbohydrate levels, is low in electrolytes, low in residue and is complete in all essential & non-essential amino acids.

Plus… ProSource Jelly is suitable for certain patients with dysphagia and for clear liquid diets!

Important Notice: Please consult a speech and language therapist when determining the requirements of a dysphagic patient.

ProSource Jelly


What flavours are available and how should you use it?

-          ProSource Jelly is available in 4 flavours – Orange, Blackcurrant, Fruit Punch and Lime. All flavours can be consumed straight from the cup, without any need for mixing. We recommend chilling the product in a refrigerator prior to eating.

How should ProSource Jelly be stored?

-          You should store ProSource Jelly at room temperature (not exceeding 25oC). There is no need to refrigerate ProSource Jelly other than for taste preference prior to eating.

How long does ProSource Jelly keep for?  

-          ProSource Jelly is has a shelf life of 18 months when unopened. You can locate the “use-by” date on the side of the cup.


Can ProSource Jelly be served with other foods?


-          You can serve ProSource Jelly in many ways, we recommend with cream, ice cream, Greek yoghurt or even spread on toast as a seedless jam alternative.


Do you have to eat ProSource Jelly in one sitting?


-          Once a cup is open, you should consume the product within 24 hours. Where possible, we recommend covering the product and keeping refrigerated when consumed in more than one sitting.


Does ProSource Jelly contain lactose or gluten?


-          ProSource Jelly is lactose and gluten free and is suitable for individuals that may have an allergic reaction to either. ProSource Jelly does contain milk protein, due to the use of a very small amount of whey isolate, which is derived from milk.



Is ProSource Jelly free from nuts and nut oils?


-          Yes, ProSource Jelly is free from nuts and nut oils.


How much ProSource Jelly should I eat?


- The volume of Jelly required on a daily basis will be determined by your individual protein requirements. If you are unsure of what these may be, we recommend that you visit your GP or Registered Dietitian.

Always read the product information. Click on the link below to view the Patient Information. Requires Adobe Reader – if you cannot open the file, please click here to download

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