Maxijul Super Soluble (200g)


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Flavour : Unflavoured Preparation : Powdered Supplement (ready to mix)
Age : Infants Calories (kcal) : 1615/100g
Protein (g) : 0 Carbohydrate (g) : 95/100g
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  • Maxijul Super Soluble (200g)
  • Additional Information


Super Soluble Maxijul is a convenient powdered carbohydrate energy supplement. A food for special medical purposes. A powdered carbohydrate energy supplement derived from the hydrolysis of corn starch to produce a glucose polymer of approximately five glucose units.


Super Soluble Maxijul can be recommended for the dietary management of conditions requiring a high energy, low fluid in infants, children and adults.

Super Soluble Maxijul may be used as an energy enhancer in infant formula, tube feeds and sip feeds.  Super Soluble Maxijul can also be used as a food fortifier to enhance energy intake in a wide range of conditions requiring a high energy, low fluid diet.

Suggested Intake

The quantity of Super Soluble Maxijul should be determined by a clinician or dietitian and is dependent on the age, bodyweight and medical condition of the patient.

Preparation and Administration

Super Soluble Maxijul can easily be incorporated into a wide variety of drinks and foods. Super Soluble Maxijul is also useful as an energy enhancer in tube and sip feeds. Recipe ideas are available upon request.  To make a solution of Super Soluble Maxijul put the required amount of powder into water and stir briskly with a fork, leave to stand until clear.

Super Soluble Maxijul in solution has an osmolality one fifth of an equivalent solution of glucose allowing administration at higher concentrations. This is because the lower osmotic load improves patient tolerance.

1 to 3 dilutions (1kcal/ml) = 420 mosm/kg

e.g. 50g Super Soluble Maxijul + 150ml water

1 to 2 dilutions (1.4kcal/ml) = 759 mosm/kg

e.g. 75g Super Soluble Maxijul + 150ml water


•  User under medical supervision

•  Use with caution in diabetes

•  Not suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition

•  Not for parenteral use


•  Store in a cool dry place

•  Always replace the container lid after use

•  Once opened, use within one month

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