Chicken, leek and potato recipe - Infatrini

Chicken, leek and potato recipe - Infatrini


30g (1 oz) raw chicken breast - finely chopped

60g (2 oz) small peeled potato - finely chopped

30g (1 oz) white part of leek - finely chopped

10g (1/3 oz) butter

75 - 100ml (21/2 fl oz - 31/4 fl oz) INFATRINI®

Method / Preparation

1. Place chicken, potato and leek into a small pan, add 75ml (21/2 fl oz) Infatrini ® and simmer for 10 minutes in a covered pan, until chicken is cooked and potatoes have softened.
2. Blend in a liquidiser or hand-held blender with butter and additional Infatrini ® to give desired consistency.


Makes 3 small servings

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