HYDRA FRUIT Lemon STAGE 2 (custard) consistency + Sugar) 125ML (24 Pots)

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Hydra Fruit Water Lemon Stage 2 - (24 x 125ml):@@:Hydra Fruit Water Stage 2 - (24 x 125ml)

Hydra'Fruit is available in 4 Flavours; Lemon(with sugar), Pineapple(with sugar), Red Fruits (with sweetener)and Lemon (with sweetener).


Hydra’Fruit is a Pre-thickened Fruit Water for the dietary management of dysphagia. Designed to be convenient with a refreshing taste and reliable texture, Hydra’Fruit puts the enjoyment back into fluid intake for patients with swallowing problems. Hydra’Fruit is made to a stage 2 (custard) consistency supplied in 125g serving cups and is available with sugar or with sweetener in a variety of fruity thirst quenching flavours.

For people with swallowing difficulties, it is hard to know what is and isn’t contained in thickening agents, powders or drinks. This is an important element in patient safety. Hydrafast and Hydra’Fruit are gum based (Guar gum, pectin, xanthan gum and calcium lactate) pre-thickened fruit waters. Hydrafast and Hydra’Fruit are amylase resistant which helps to protect against the action of amylase enzyme. Hydrafast and Hydra’Fruit are designed to maintain their specific fluid and adherent gel texture that slowly glides along the mucous membrane, without breaking up. This helps your dysphagia patient to swallow more safely. Hydrafast and Hydra’Fruit are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and ingredients are GMO free. Available in both sweetened or sugar versions, Hydra’Fruit also caters for patients with sugar restrictions.
Hydra Fruit Water Stage 2 - (24 x 125ml)
Manufacturer Name : Nutrisens
Manufacturer Address : Nutrisens, 3 chemin des Cytises 69340 Francheville, France
Manufacturer Email : [email protected]
Manufacturer Phone Number : +33 (0)4 3757 5650