Salmon Fillets with Watercress Sauce Recipe - Fortisip Neutral

Salmon Fillets with Watercress Sauce Recipe - Fortisip Neutral


2 medium size salmon fillets

1 lemon - juice of

Pinch ground black pepper

1 tbsp cornflour

85g / 3oz watercress - chopped finely

1 vegetable stock cube

1 (200ml) bottle Neutral Fortisip

200ml / 7fl oz crème fraîche

Watercress sprig and lime slices

to serve (optional)

Method / Preparation

1. Wrap salmon fillets loosely in lightly oiled baking foil. Season with lemon juice and black pepper. Oven bake at 190ºC / 375ºF / Gas mark 5 for 10 to 12 minutes until lightly cooked.
2. To prepare watercress sauce, gently simmer crème fraîche, watercress and the stock cube for two to three minutes.
3. Blend cornflour with a little Fortisip to make a smooth paste. Blend in remaining Fortisip, then add to watercress mixture.
4. Bring to simmering point, stir constantly until thickened. Remove immediately from heat.
5. Place salmon fillets onto a serving plate and pour over watercress sauce. To serve, garnish with sprigs of watercress and lime.

Nutritional Content

Energy: 635kcal

Protein: 27g

Carbohydrate: 37.8g

Fibre: 0.9g

Fat: 61.6g



Chef’s Tip
For an extra 70kcal per portion, add 30ml Calogen to the sauce.

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