Strawberry Panna Cotta - Fortini Strawberry

Strawberry Panna Cotta - Fortini Strawberry


200ml (61⁄2 fl oz) strawberry flavour FORTINI

200ml (61⁄2 fl oz) double cream

10g (4 rounded teaspoons) strawberry milkshake powder

1⁄2 packet strawberry jelly (8 cubes) chopped into small pieces

Method / Preperation

1. Gently heat together FORTINI, double cream and milkshake powder in a saucepan, until hot but not boiling.
2. Take pan off heat and stir in jelly pieces until fully dissolved.
3. Pour into individual serving dishes or 1 large dish and allow to cool before transferring to the refrigerator to set.


Makes 3-4 portions

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