Fortini Products

Fortini milk is a milk based product fortified with protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals for babies and children over the age of one. The Fortini range has been specifically formulated for young toddlers and older children who require a nutritionally rich milk. Fortini is a special milk formula for children up to the age of 6 years. Fortini can be used by children who find it difficult to intake food or require additional nutritional supplements as they are unable to eat solid foods or unable to gain intake the recommended level of nutrients from their standard diet. Fortini is a ready to drink ‘milk’, with popular Fortini flavours being Fortini Strawberry and Fortini Vanilla. Fortini Multi Fibre is also available for individuals requiring additional fibre.


Fortini Multi Fibre is an additional product range which provides ‘extra’ fibre for those babies and children who require additional amounts. Fortini Multi Fibre is enriched with fibre providing up to 60% soluble fibre and 40% insoluble fibre. Fortini Multi Fibre is ready to drink, the most popular flavours being Fortini Multi Fibre Chocolate and Fortini Multi Fibre Banana.


Children can enjoy a range of different styles and flavours as various recipes are available to make drinking Fortini more enjoyable. Children can enjoy delicious Strawberry Panna Cotta made from Fortini Strawberry or Banana Custard using the popular Fortini Multi Fibre Banana or a classic favourite such as Tomato Soup made from Fortini Vanilla. There is something for everyone in our recipes section!

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