Quiche Lorraine – Serves 3 - Calshake Neutral

Quiche Lorraine – Serves 3 - Calshake Neutral


2 Eggs

100g grated cheese

200g ready-made shortcrust pastry

100g chopped bacon

1tbsp oil

1 sachet Calshake Neutral

240ml whole milk


Pre heat oven to 170oc (350of/Gas 4)

Roll out pastry and line a lightly greased 9in quiche or flan dish

Mix Calshake with milk as per instructions

Fry chopped bacon in oil until cooked, sprinkle on pastry base

Whisk together eggs and Calshake mixture, add grated cheese and season to taste

Pour mixture into flan dish

Place flan dish on a bakin tray and bake for 30-40 mins, or until the centre is set


Energy 810kcal Protein 30g (Per serving)



Cut the quiche into three and freeze surplus portions

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