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Nutriplen Protein

Highest Protein ONS

Provides 300kcal, 20g protein and nutritionally complete

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Nutriplen 125ml

Best Tasting Compact

Nutriplen Compact provides 300kcl / 125ml

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Fortisip Extra

High Calorie Drink

Fortisip Extra provides 320 calories and is nutritionally complete.

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caring-forordering-easyLive Chat is an online retailer of Nutritional , Weight Gain Drinks. NutriDrinks stocks the leading drink supplements from innovative research-led organisations such as Abbott Nutrition , Nutricia (SHS) and Fresenius.

All products listed on our website are available to purchase.

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Ensure by Abbott Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of a weight gain nutritional drinks range with a wide variety of flavours and styles which include Ensure Plus Milkshake (330 kCal), Ensure Plus Fibre (305 kCal), Ensure Plus Juce (330 kCal) , Ensure Plus Yoghurt (330 kCal) , Ensure Plus Creme (171 kCal) , Ensure Savoury Can (259 kCal) , Ensure TwoCal (400 kCal) and Enshake Powder (600 kCal) - Ensuring Your Nutrition.

Fortisip by Nutricia is the UK’s largest manufacturer of nutritional drink supplements formulated to help individuals gain weight and meet daily vitamin and mineral requirements. The range consist of Fortisip Drink (300 kCal) , Fortisip Extra (320 kCal) , Fortisip Compact (300 kCal) , Fortisip Compact Multi Fibre (300 kCal) , Fortisip Multi Fibre Drink (300 kCal) , Fortisip Yoghurt (300 kCal) , Forticreme (200 kCal) , Fortisip Fruit Dessert (200 kCal) , Fortisip Savoury Multi-Fibre (300 kCal) and Fortijuce (300 kCal) - Fortifying your diet.

Nutritionally complete drinks which are high in calories can be difficult to choose as many products are calorie-rich but lack the essential vitamins and minerals which are also required for individuals unable to meet their daily nutritional needs. recommends the following ready to drink liquid weight gain supplements; Ensure Plus Drink 220ml , Fortisip Bottle Drink 200ml and Fresubin Energy Drink 200ml. These nutritional drinks are frequently recommended by Doctors and can be purchased directly from



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